Will I Have To Go To A Lawyer Or A Notary?

  • What goods to leave and what procedure to follow with this document when the person dies
  • The general information that exists to make a will preaches that people should go to a notary, however, some do it with their lawyers, but we explain the difference:
  • To start, all notaries are lawyers training; there is no notary that is not licensed in law or has a degree issued by a school regarding the social validity of studies of this nature.
  • Going with the lawyer is an unnecessary step, explained the notary and member of the Communication Commission of the College of Notaries of the Federal District, Marco Espinosa, in an interview and added that the specialist in matters of succession Mexico is the notary.

If no Testament was made

On the other hand, when someone dies and does not leave a will, the relatives must initiate a judicial succession procedure, and they will depend on whether or not they all agree, that is, whether or not there is a dispute.

“Because if there is controversy, notaries are prevented by law to intervene; We cannot dispute. For that, they would need a lawyer who are expert on Property Settlement. But if the will was granted or not, everyone is of legal age, and they can agree with the notary so that the process is extrajudicial before this figure “, clarified Espinosa.