Types Of Goods

All assets, rights, and obligations that are not extinguished by death must be included in this legacy.

“For example, the lifetime usufruct that is a right over some good to be able to use it or enjoy it that is extinguished with death. The same happens with political rights or alimony. (Not to be confused with insurance pensions or with insurance pensions or for family members) “, analyzed the notary.

Even people can inherit their pets because in the country they are considered as a legally movable property that would pass to the beneficiaries.

“They are goods known as serviettes, but they are goods that are transmitted to someone particular. We will think that I have my house, my car or my apartment, but my friend I know that he loves cats and I know I can leave him mine “, added by the Property Settlement expert.

Can you leave goods to the animals?

No. In Mexico, animals do not have legal personality, so what can be done is to allocate a fund in trust for food, but it is an extraordinary case because it could be costly.

Procedure when a person dies

1.- It is necessary to process the death certificate immediately and with this document and the will, go with a notary.

2 .- He is responsible for seeing the will and can process the succession. It will do so by requesting reports to the file of notaries and legal records to verify that it is the last one that was made.

3.- The notary requests these reports and draws up a deed of acceptance of inheritance and the position of the executor.